Georgia’s Arts & Crafts Studio Mission Statement

    Georgia’s Arts & Crafts Studio is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Georgia Pearl Morris.  She provided hours of wonderful memories for her grandchildren by giving of her time and providing opportunities for artistic creativity and expression.  Georgia’s Arts & Crafts Studio exists to provide the same environment for all of our friends and customers to create their own memories and to enjoy expressing their own artistic talent.




Georgia Pearl was born on July 5, 1908 to George F. and Lynatta Shelinberger Grigory.  She grew up in Skidmore, Kansas, along with many brothers and sisters who, for reasons unknown now, playfully referred to her as "Jo".  Life was difficult at times and siblings passed away at young ages, but twelve grew along with her to adulthood.  In July of 1925, Georgia Pearl married Andrew S. Morris.  A strong and determined woman, Georgia was resourceful and courageous while facing the obstacles and devastations of the Great Depression.  As signs of the times, she heroically delivered her own five babies and assisted in some of her sisters' deliveries as well.  Tragically, Georgia experienced the loss of one son at a young age.  Georgia used her skilled hands to fashion artificial flowers that she used to decorate graves, a tradition she continued for many years on Memorial Days with assistance from her grandchildren.  Georgia and Andrew worked tirelessly while raising two sons and two daughters.  To provide income for her family's basic needs, Georgia tackled many jobs including ironing shirts, curtains, and drapes for a laundry shop, cooking at a restaurant and as an inspector at an ammunition plant.  As a housekeeper, she had a well-known reputation for being a "hard worker" and "was very much in demand".  She was a notable and accomplished seamstress making all of her children's clothing.  Georgia possessed an incredible gift for gardening, both flowers and vegetables.  Growing petunias was her forte and it is said that she could "grow seeds on the sidewalk".  Georgia loved to have her grandchildren in her home and always had a big bowl of homemade soup ready for those eagerly anticipating it. After church on Sundays and during winter months, when roads were icy and unsafe for travel, Georgia's Arts & Crafts Owner, Theresa Hammers and her siblings and friends would spend the night with her grandmother, enjoy the soup and learn to treasure their imaginations and creativity through making crafts.  Georgia Pearl died on January 2, 1993, and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery near her parents in Galena, Kansas.